AIDA Performance Kept Audience Glued to Every Change in Tone!
“Pyramid power came to the Stanley Performing Arts Center Saturday night in the form of AIDA. For a traveling show, the Teatro Lirico D’Europa production was of majestic scope, with full-stage scenery and props taking you back to the Egyptian dynasties, magnificent singing, an orchestra of 50, a chorus of 45 and nine dancers… The presentation was irresistible. The expressive singers kept the Great Artist Series audience of 2,513 glued to every change of tone. Roumen Doikov, an exciting and robust tenor plays Radames. Soprano Galia Gortcheva, sings Aida with dramatic intonations that clearly put across the lowest plea or the highest point of outrage in a spellbinding manner. Amneris the Egyptian Princess is portrayed by Ambra Vespasiani. Her soaring and simpering voice displays romantic, jealous and destructive emotions with a vengeance. The singers perform in impressive sets that change in every scene. The opera opens in a columned temple with two stage height statues at each end. It converts to a temple crowned by a boulder sized head of a pharaoh… the suite of the princess with a large red and gold Egyptian tapestry at back and a couch in lion shape for royalty to dwell in. There’s also a scene with the twin pyramids and the Nile River in the background-and a split stage scene in the final act. The chorus in white Egyptian costumes with long sashes in front filled up the stage. The leads left the audience with mouths agape.”