Teatro Lirico’s ‘Aida’ just right to the last detail
“The Teatro Lirico D’Europa’s performance of “Aida” at Merrill Auditorium got it just right, even after a snow-filled journey from Rochester, NY. The sets were remarkable, the singers thoroughly professional-the full orchestra better than most in any opera pit, the chorus strong and well rehearsed, and the ballet
dancers spectacular. The production admirably served the purpose of bringing real grand opera to an audience… and there wasn’t a microphone in sight.
Tenor Roumen Doikov was excellent as Radames and
baritone Theodore Lambrinos as Amonasro was superb. Tatiana Ishemova as Amneris was quite moving. The title role was sung by Ofelia Hristova. Her arias were gorgeous. The ballet dancers were superb. The audience gave everyone a long standing ovation.”