Ofelia Hristova as AIDA
Tatiana Ishemova as AMNERIS
Rouemn Doikov as RADAMES

Traveling Aida Lives up to Lavish Description!
“Teatro Lirico D’Europa’s touring ‘Aida’ provided plenty of spectacle for ticket buyers. Elaborate sets, gorgeous costumes, superb musical direction of the 50 – piece orchestra and an excellent corps de ballet added to the production’s elegance. Singing by the principals was very good and they received strong assistance from a cast of more than 40 supporting singers. Tenor Roumen Doikov, who opened the show with a well-sung version of “Celeste Aida,” was an audience favorite. As Aida, soprano Ofelia Hristova sang powerfully in the upper range and sweetly in the pianissimo section of the role’s signature aria “Ritorna Vincitor” and “O Patria mia.” Her passionate and very well sung duet with Doikov in the 3rd Act was the highlight of the evening. The conductor led a well-prepared and lushly appointed orchestra in a flawless performance. Judging from the enthusiastic reception the company received from the sold out audience, let’s hope Teatro Lirico D’Europa will be back with more.”
(Escondido, CA area)