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Below are a list of reviews.

Teatro Lirico D'Europa

Grand Opera Thrilled Columbia

Grand opera in Columbia has found its niche; the March 3 production of LA TRAVIATA at the Koger Center was unsurpassed in its quality and excitement. The audience was thrilled and impressed with the production by the Teatro Lirico D'Europa, which brought us MADAMA BUTTERFLY last spring.

Kudos once again to The Palmetto Opera for taking the risk of equating grand opera with the symphony and the ballet in this town; it was time, and it was successful. Perhaps next year, the school children of Columbia will be given the opportunity to enjoy this cultural icon, grand opera.

Helen Houghton · The State · Columbia, SC

The Opera was the Best Ever here in Daytona Beach

I know you have already heard from Carol, but let me express my true appreciation for all the assistance you provided. The entire evening was such a success and we had a great time…from the start of the dinner 'til the end of the post concert party for special friends of the Daytona Beach Symphony Society!!! I already know from Carol that you have offered to do it again, all I can say is BRAVO. Thanks again, we really appreciate your help.

Carolyn Brewer, Vice President, Daytona Beach Symphony Society

La Traviata Plays to Packed House In Columbia!

A packed house gave resounding approval to a world-class performance of Verdi's La Traviata on March 3rd at the Koger Center in Columbia. “After the curtain calls began the audience never sat down and the applause never stopped,” said Palmetto Opera Chair Kathy Newman. “Opera lovers came from as far away as Hilton Head to experience this grand opera. It brings Palmetto Opera one step closer to establishing a regular opera season.”

La Traviata was performed by the international cast of Teatro Lirico D'Euopa, a highly acclaimed international opera touring company. Last spring Palmetto Opera presented Teatro's production of Madama Butterfly, which also received rave reviews.

The two principal soloists, Russian soprano Olga Orlovskaya (Violetta) and Bulgarian tenor Orlin Goranov (Alfredo), generated enthusiastic applause throughout the performance. Giorgio Lalov, Teatro's founder and artistic director, described Olga as, “the perfect singer to perform Traviata. She is the right person both vocally and physically to represent Violetta.”

Lalov, a bass baritone who debuted at La Scala at the age of 25, is passionate about opera and is dedicated to increasing appreciation for the 400-year-old art form. “People call me the artistic director,” he said, but I do everything: the stage direction, the sets, the costumes. It is exhausting, and I love it.”

The Palmetto Opera's mission is to bring opera to the capital city. Lalov says the Board members are “very, very devoted people who want to have opera in Columbia.” He told the audience, “I have given 5,000 performances since 1988, but these performances with The Palmetto Opera are very special to me.”

Teatro will return to Columbia on March 2, 2013 for another performance.


LA TRAVIATA was great last night!

The soprano (Stanislava Ivanova) was wonderful and our audience responded enthusiastically. Giorgio did a great job for the pre-performance lecture - maybe the best ever- over 30 minutes. He just amazes me with his energy!

Milt Russos · Executive Director for performance at the Times Union Center - Jacksonville, FL

LA TRAVIATA was really wonderful!

Violetta (Olga Orlovskaya) stole the show, (no surprise) with Alfredo (Orlin Goranov) not far behind. The orchestra sounded great and the whole vocal ensemble was together in every sense of the word. We feel so lucky to have had your TRAVIATA here. Giorgio was charming at the pre-concert dinner and we appreciated him bringing the three guest singers with their individual arias. Again we are very blessed to have your company in our midst.

PS. Our locals who were extras in the first act were so thrilled to be on stage, and they looked so natural. They were on cloud 9 and I'm sure they will forever be fanatic opera nuts because of you. What a great thing!"

Dallas and Nancy Weekly · Daytona Beach Symphony Society · March 2012

Superb in Every Respect

I can't give enough praise about last night's performance of LA TRAVIATA. It was superb in every respect. Many of the audience members said it was Teatro Lirico's best opera yet and everyone was raving about the stunning Olga Orlovskaya and her amazing voice. In addition to her voice,she is a wonderful actress and they were all captivated by the story. Orlin Goranov was excellent in his roleof Alfredo and the audience raved about him. Viara Zhelezova as Flora was fabulous as well. Audience members commented on how the singers "looked the part" and were so believable. It made the opera come alive for them. The "local opera star" fundraiser was a huge success and in addition to raising money, it made our audience feel more connected with Teatro Lirico when they saw two locals as part of the cast. The people who attended the Cena Italiana were thrilled by the entertainment and again, made them feel as though Giorgio and the opera company were a part of our "Family." I cannot thank you and Giorgio enough for making this happen for us. There was such a feeling of joy and celebration in our auditorium last night! Thank you, thank you so much!!

Carol Anderson - McClean, PhD. · Executive Director - Daytona Beach Symphony Society · March 2012

LA TRAVIATA was fantastic!

Sold out, standing ovations, I don't think the audience ever sat down. In one night, we proved that there is an opera audience in Columbia and SC. We had people coming from Hilton Head, Orangeburg (in a nearby county), Greenville, others. The ushers ran out of programs and had to ask people to share. What a wonderful problem to have!

I really appreciate the soloists being willing to attend our Bellini and desert bar reception for our donors afterwards and have their photos taken with them. Please give them special thanks from me. The reception was a tremendous hit and one donor said he was going to send us some more money because he wanted more of this. When I gave the welcome prior to the performance, I told the audience that Palmetto Opera's goal was to bring grand opera to Columbia and that it seemed entirely appropriate for the capital of our state. Perhaps he was responding.

And now we start planning for next March. Giorgio and I agreed last year that to grow our audience we needed to begin with the most well known operas.

If you google Palmetto Opera, La Traviata, you can pull up a lot of the articles that have been written on the production. My entire marketing/publicity plan worked just as planned and exceeded what I expected. That's a rarity in this business."

Kathy Newman, Chair · Palmetto Opera, Columbia, SC · Performance at Koger Center, March 2012

Essential Humanity

I was worried how RIGOLETTO would go over. It is, after all, a dark and brooding opera. But the cast and the performance lifted the situation to a level where the audience could appreciate and identify with the essential humanity of Gilda and Rigoletto. The soprano role (Gilda) was particularly well sung and it was joy to have Simon Kyung Lee back again in a lead role, this time as the villainous Duke. The baritone role of Rigoletto (Dobromir Momekov) was powerfully sung. The audience loved the performance and gave the cast a vociferous and enthusiastic response. Another winning production from Teatro Lirico D'Europa!

As for the post-opera reception. It was simply wonderful. Giorgio and the four cast members he brought along were cordial, warm, receptive, and conversational. All are thoroughly delightful persons who thrilled our guests with beautiful music and camaraderie. I hope we can do this again next year after the show.

Bob Borich · Talent Chairman · Panama City Music Assoc. · Feb. 2012


Looking forward to LA TRAVIATA next year and maybe some dance after that too!

Mary Lee Mann · Barbara Mann Theatre, Ft. Myers, FL · Feb. 2012

Everything was wonderful (Verdi's RIGOLETTO)

Everyone in the cast was chatty and friendly, I enjoyed myself and I know the audience did too, their enthusiasm was infectious. The costumes by the way were absolutely beautiful. Let me know what you are planning for next year. We have been wondering if TOSCA would be a possibility

Maureen Jones · Warfield Concerts · January 2012


We were thrilled with the performance. The voices of the cast were exceptional, and you certainly can't go wrong with Mozart! Our Don Giovanni was perfect in the role. The cast members attended the post-concert party and were most charming. Our audience loved the performance. One lady, who spoke to me yesterday, said she never liked opera before, but after seeing DON GIOVANNI she is a convert! We will have photos from our photographer in a few days and I'll send them along to you. Thanks again for such a great operatic experience.

Carol Anderson · Daytona Symphony Society · January 2012

Daytona Symphony Society

Didn't get in until midnight last night! Spent some time at table (after-party) with Leporello and The Don (DON GIOVANNI). They played the comedic aspects off each other most effectively and the audience responded well--they really "got it." The singers were all good, esp. the aforementioned and the Commendatore--excellent! Donna Anna and Donna Elvira were also audience favorites. We do appreciate, as always, the great efforts put forth by the whole company. It will be wonderful to have La Traviata soon, preceded by a nice Italian dinner in the anteroom. The food is being catered by an excellent Italian restaurant here and the tickets will bring in $3500 to benefit our youth programs, promoting our series to them etc.

Dallas and Nancy Weekly · Daytona Symphony Society, Presenter · Jan. 2012

Operatic Humor

Great job tonight. (DON GIOVANNI). At the end when the Commendatores' statue drags Don G. off to hell for his wretched excesses would that make him the Statue of Limitations?

Marty Petlock · Technical Director/Facilities Manager
Sunrise Theatre, Ft. Pierce, FL · Jan. 2012

Wonderful show! (LA BOHEME)

Many comments from the audience. Great night!

Jeanne Sigel · Development & Marketing Director
Garde Arts Center, New London, CT · Feb. 2012

Well Directed, Well Sung

Teatro Lirico d'Europa presented a very well stage-directed, well sung LA BOHEME at the Garde Arts Center, New London, Connecticut. Artistic and stage director, and set and costume designer Giorgio Lalov gave us a compelling dramatic and comic rendering, with plausible, motivated characterization. For example, Musetta's "Quando m'en vo" did not have her going "soletta per la via" as just a diva singing her aria but cozying up to several men in the Momus crowd, giving Alcindoro and Marcello cause for alarm--the best staging I've seen of Musetta's Waltz. Character interaction, especially between Rodolfo and Mimi, was always at play with no stand-and-deliver. The unit set had at center a pair of large windows for the garret flat which became doors for Cafe Momus and the Act III tavern, for which they opened. Orlovskaya's pure, round-voiced column of soprano sound projected very well in Mimi's arias and the Act II ensemble. She is tall and attractive, and she related nicely to Bulgarian Orlin Gorlanov's also well-projected Rodolfo. Bulgarian soprano, Stanislava Ivanova's Musetta was clear-voiced and appropriately lyric. She looked beautiful in the black dress for Act II and the pink one in Acts III and IV. Gorlanov's tenor showed occasional slight strain on high notes, but in general sang with ardent, full tone.

OPERA L · Feb. 2012 · John Deredita

LA TRAVIATA was fantastic!

The performance was wonderful and your crew and cast were top notch! Thank you again for everything.

Faith A. Wilson, Executive Director
Opera New Hampshire · Feb. 2012


The show (LA BOHEME) went well, thank you. The quality of the performance was excellent!

Scott Seltzer · Programming Director
F.M. Kirby Center for the Perf. Arts · Feb 2012

Thank You!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present, once again, one of your world-class Operas. This past Saturday we presented Verdi's Rigoletto. As the show played on, it was not uncommon to hear cheers coming from the audience. The performers and the orchestra were excellent. Not only are the actors good, but also the set and the costumes are also exceptional. We look forward to the continuation of a mutually beneficial relationship. Bravo!

Susan Agin, Executive and Artistic Director
Queensborough Performing Arts Center · Feb. 2012

The Best Ever

Thanks so much to the company. The Opera Gala was outstanding, I believe the best ever. It was wonderful having selections from three diverse operas. All of the singers were good but the sopranos were particularly good this night. Boheme was very well received. Several comments about how the company just continues to get better each year.

Kris Sabel, Alberto Vilar Center, Vale, CO · Feb. 2012

Boheme was great!

We had a good house and they all stayed to the end. Georgio is so great to work with and a real delight. It is as if we have been friends forever. We talked about Butterfly for next year. It would again be in the month of February. Thanks for everything!

David Nyman · Heritage Theatre, Cedar City, Utah

RIGOLETTO was superb, your soloists soared.

You could hear a pin drop as "La donna e mobile" began and the applause which followed was thunderous. Thank you again for a great show ? and as always your crew and performers are so easy to work with. Looking forward to next year.

Deborah Smith · Newberry Opera House, Newberry, SC · Feb. 2012

Centro Studi Fabriano Incontra

Preg. M° Lalov,
Centro Studi Fabriano would like to thank you for the splendid rendition of LA TRAVIATA staged at Teatro Gentile on Saturday 12 November. We had a sold out Theater as never had happened in the past, an enthusiastic audience with continuous spontaneous applause and a huge final ovation to artists and all staff. We are really grateful for bringing in Fabriano, after so many years, finally again the opera and a spectacle of this level. The reception of the public naturally leads us to develop this kind of programming for the foreseeable future. With our M° Ezio Maria Tisi please define as soon as possible the titles for the next opera season. Meanwhile we look forward with joy to RIGOLETTO in April 2012.

Most sincerely,
President Dr. George Saitta

LA TRAVIATA, sucesso al Gentile

LA TRAVIATA SUCCESS AT GENTILE! An event and at the same time a great success which was sold out for "La Traviata" presented at Teatro Gentile, Fabriano with Teatro Lirico d'Europa.

How to interpret the masterpiece of Verdi at Gentile, after so many years absence of opera in Fabriano?

There is no doubt that a climate of great expectation could be perceived but one certainly never predicted the great request for tickets that ensued. Within three hours the theater was practically sold out. Many young people and many people from nearby towns. I am very sorry that I could not respond to all the requests but, in spite of the availability of the company to perform again the following day, the bureaucracy has not allowed the realization of another performance.

For the next shows you have already decided something?

With Maestro Lalov, it has already been defined for a long time, the representation of Rigoletto for April 13, 2012, and given the great demand of the public it was decided to add a performance the following day, i.e. the April 14.

Daniele Gattucci, VIVERE JESI - Il Quotidiano della Citta De Territorio - 11.21.2011


The celebrated work of Verdi interpreted by the great talent of Teatro Lirico D'Europa played to a sold out house. The company thrilled with the celebrated opera, notably with the grace of the extraordinary Marina. Romance, lavish dresses and stunning voices on stage at the theater Le Forum Sunday evening where Teatro Lirico D'Europa transported the audience into the wondrous world of opera…one of the most popular works of Giuseppe Verdi LA TRAVIATA. The soloists, voices and orchestra of Teatro Lirico d'Europa under the musical direction of Krassimir Topalov, and the staging of Giorgio Lalov, offered a high quality interpretation. Especially, in the main roles; Marina Viskorkina as Violetta and Orlin Goranov as Alfredo were able to convey to the public that transcendent emotion of the original opera of the great Italian composer. "What a stunning voice" could be heard in the audience every time the amazing Marina sang. Chills and success at the zenith in the town's theater.

Virginie Schoen, VAR MATIN

Refined and Involving Carmen was Top Title in “Etna In Scena”

A fascinating and involving performance has shone for artistic quality in the Festival “Etna in scena”. It was Bizet's Carmen, shown on 8/25, presented together with Teatro Lirico D'Europa with Giorgio Lalov as stage director.

A Carmen filled with seduction, passion and courage, very well expressed by (DANIELA DIAKOVA) who gave a brilliant interpretation considering the complexity of her role. Seducing and coquettish in the habanera and slowly transforming her impassioned charge into the strength which makes her defying death in the last scene with Jose, she shown for technical strength, musicality and ability to handle her voice like a true instrument, expressing a wide range of emotions and a sensual colorful charged with warm Spanish tones. MARTIN

ILIEV (Don Jose) showed stage presence and refined vocal qualities. A success which confirms the choice and vision of Pappalardo, who had wanted to include in “Etna in scena” an opera like Carmen to confirm the classic vocation of this Festival, which can in the future tend to have more and more international and high quality shows.


Great success of the Opera Festival in Calabria

It ended yesterday with a performance of Carmen, the 1st edition of “Calabria Opera Festival.” The surroundings of the Theatre of the Ruins of Cirella Diamond has enjoyed particular success with a representation of Bizet's masterpiece set in Spain…the story of love between the soldier Don José, played by Marin Iliev and the beautiful gypsy Carmen, played by Daniela Diakova. Deserving special mention for their performances yesterday, the children's choir directed by Arteinsieme Diamond, Claudia Perrone.

In the previous three nights of the festival two concerts were also presented devoted respectively to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy and the immortal Viennese Waltz, as well as another immortal work, “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi. The “Calabria Opera Festival,” organized by the Culture of the City of Diamond with the support of the Culture of the Province of Cosenza was made possible thanks to the valuable assistance of the highly qualified Teatro Lirico d'Europa. At the end of the event yesterday, the Councilor for Culture of the City of Diamond Baptist Malicino, drew a positive assessment of the event: “Bring the opera and classical music to the Theatre of the Ruins of Cirencester” – said the Deputy Mayor – is was the realization of a dream pursued for some time.

L'Assessore alla Cultura
Battista Maulicino

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