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FALL 2010 and WINTER 2011 USA REVIEWS – Teatro Lirico D’Europa


Refined and Involving Carmen was Top Title in “Etna In Scena”

A fascinating and involving performance has shone for artistic quality in the Festival “Etna in scena”. It was Bizet's Carmen shown on 8/25, presented together with Teatro Lirico D'Europa with Giorgio Lalov as stage director.

A Carmen filled with seduction, passion and courage, very well expressed by (DANIELA DIAKOVA) who gave a brilliant interpretation considering the complexity of her role. Seducing and coquettish in the habanera and slowly transforming her impassioned charge into the strength which makes her defying death in the last scene with Jose, she shown for technical strength, musicality and ability to handle her voice like a true instrument, expressing a wide range of emotions and a sensual colorful charged with warm Spanish tones. MARTIN

ILIEV (Don Jose) showed stage presence and refined vocal qualities. A success which confirms the choice and vision of Pappalardo, who had wanted to include in “Etna in scena” an opera like Carmen to confirm the classic vocation of this Festival, which can in the future tend to have more and more international and high quality shows.


Great success of the Opera Festival in Calabria

It ended yesterday with a performance of Carmen, the 1st edition of “Calabria Opera Festival.” The surroundings of the Theatre of the Ruins of Cirella Diamond has enjoyed particular success with a representation of Bizet's masterpiece set in Spain…the story of love between the soldier Don José, played by Marin Iliev and the beautiful gypsy Carmen, played by Daniela Diakova. Deserving special mention for their performances yesterday, the children's choir directed by Arteinsieme Diamond, Claudia Perrone.

In the previous three nights of the festival two concerts were also presented devoted respectively to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy and the immortal Viennese Waltz, as well as another immortal work, “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi. The “Calabria Opera Festival,” organized by the Culture of the City of Diamond with the support of the Culture of the Province of Cosenza was made possible thanks to the valuable assistance of the highly qualified Teatro Lirico d'Europa. At the end of the event yesterday, the Councilor for Culture of the City of Diamond Baptist Malicino, drew a positive assessment of the event: “Bring the opera and classical music to the Theatre of the Ruins of Cirencester” - said the Deputy Mayor - is was the realization of a dream pursued for some time.

COMUNE DI DIAMONTE · L'Assessore alla Cultura · Battista Maulicino


“Bravo! for your wonderful Madama Butterfly! Your international cast sang their hearts out and truly represented the best in international opera talent. Hilda Ramos was thrilling in her portrayal of Madama Butterfly and her voice was exquisite. Sets and costumes were beautiful! Your worldwide cast brought opera lovers to their feet in in Columbia, South Carolina! It was truly a magical night and we heard nothing but rave reviews. A sampling: "Fabulous!" ; "…the best Butterfly I've seen in 30 years, and I've seen Butterfly all over the world"; "Hilda Ramos' voice soared…exquisite!"; "…sets and costumes were beautiful!"; "The music…everything…was wonderful"; "All the soloists were outstanding!". Thank you Giorgio and Jenny.”

Kathy Newman, Chair · The Palmetto Opera, Columbia, SC · May 2011

“Both opera fans and newcomers alike were enchanted by the breathtaking performance of Madama Butterfly. The cast won over the entire audience with their totally entertaining presentation of Puccini's opera, as evidenced by standing ovations at both performances. Special kudos to the beautiful and gifted Hilda Ramos, who displayed not only an amazing vocal virtuosity but also exceptional acting skills in her sensitive and utterly believable portrayal of Madama Butterfly.”

Tish Lowe · The Palmetto Opera · Board of Directors · Columbia, SC

“I know "rave reviews" will burst forth from all around our board room table when we meet…meanwhile, from my viewpoint… the Butterfly I saw on Friday night and Sunday afternoon was THE ABSOLUTE BEST operatic performance I've ever seen in Columbia, SC and can compare favorably to operas seen in London, Paris, Trieste, New York. The setting of Drayton Hall was perfectly geared to the sets, voices and drama on stage. All facets of the production were first rate, and Butterfly herself was captivating and enchanting in every way. The whole experience takes local opera to a whole new level.”

Lee Minghi · The Palmetto Opera · Board of Directors · Columbia, SC

“The Board know and understand the tremendous effort it took to pull this off. There is no doubt that this has been a monumental undertaking for our opera company or that it has been a monumental success. We have not only had nothing but rave reviews for the performance, we have had long-time opera aficionados tell us that they have seen Madama Butterfly all over the world and this was without a doubt the best. We have also had significant contributions to Palmetto Opera SINCE the performance. Everyone wants more.”

Kathy Newman · Palmetto Opera

“I've attended well over a hundred operas in such venues as New York, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle, Charlotte and even Flagstaff and many others, but I've never encountered a performance surpassing that in Columbia Sunday afternoon. The staging, orchestra, and singers were all superb, and the presentation benefited greatly from the intimate auditorium. All involved are to be highly commended.”

Bob Robinson · The Palmetto Opera · Board of Directors · Columbia, SC

“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much my husband, Eddie and I enjoyed the performance of Madama butterfly on Sunday afternoon. It was my first attendance at an opera and I was captivated by the music, the story line, the voices, the acting, the costumes, the stage setting, etc. In preparation, I had read about the plot to better appreciate the show. We sat in the third row in the theatre and had a great view of the actors/singers who put their heart and soul into their performance. We look forward to attending future opera productions.”

Sandy Stern · Hilton Head, SC

“Jenny and Georgio, our marketing resulted in drawing people statewide and even from North Carolina to the performance. There are quite a lot of opera lovers in Hilton Head, for example, and as a result of Madama Butterfly we have the opportunity to establish strong ties with them. I expect that at our next performance many seats will be held by residents throughout SC and other states, including Hilton Head. Our marketing strategy calls for increased statewide advertising. In case I haven't said it enough, thank you for what you are doing to make opera a true cultural option in SC.”

Kathy Newman

“Jenny, I extend a sincere thank you to you and Georgio for producing such a spectacular Madama Butterfly for The Palmetto Opera. The production surpassed many attendees' expectations. Voices, orchestra, staging, costumes, etc. were most impressive. Comments received have been only positive. As a board member of The Palmetto Opera, I had an opportunity to visit with some of the cast. They were most approachable and very professional. They represent your company very well. I look forward to meeting you. Give my regards to Georgio. Best wishes”

Donna Hammond · The Palmetto Opera · Vice Chair · Columbia, SC

Palmetto Opera Pulls It Off

Grand opera production is a challenge, an expensive challenge. The stage must be big enough to accommodate the large number of people in the cast who populate the life-sized sets, cumbersome and complicated jobs delivered by 18-wheelers.

Palmetto Opera met the challenge head on with its two performances of Puccini's Madama Butterfly at USC's Drayton Hall this past Friday night, May 13, and Sunday afternoon, May 15. The entry hall lobby at the one intermission for each performance was packed with people drinking from the Bellini Bar.

Palmetto Opera and Teatro Lirico D'Europa, imported for its Madama Butterfly production, put on a beautiful performance that was demonstrably well received by its intimate audience.

Palmetto Opera is planning another production for next spring, but the opera has not been announced. Expect one of the top five most-produced operas.

John Temple Ligon · COLUMBIA STAR · May 20, 2011

Opera experience was wonderful

I recently attended a performance of the opera "Madama Butterfly" by the Teatro Lirico D'Europa, which was held at USC. I had no illusions about the quality of a traveling opera group willing to come to Columbia for $45 a ticket.

The show was sponsored by the Palmetto Opera, an organization dedicated to the promotion of this ennobling form of music. Kudos. I was incredibly surprised and pleased by the production. Butterfly's voice was strong, stirring and magical. I love grand opera, and I am so pleased to report that a blow was struck for great music right here. Do attend if another opportunity presents itself.

Helen Houghton, Elgin, SC · Letter to the Editor · THE STATE NEWSPAPER · Columbia, SC · May 16, 2011

“Jenny, the show (MADAMA BUTTERFLY) was FABULOUS! The cast was sweet and wonderful and Hilda was brilliant! The little boy we chose was terrific and we heard AMAZING feedback from the audience. BRAVO!!!! This was an excellent company and very kind and considerate too. It’s so wonderful to work with nice people. Not everyone is as nice or as accommodating as you are. Once again, we had a great time on Sunday and the cast (and orchestra) was outstanding.”

Susan Agin · Managing and Artistic Director · Queensborough Performing Arts Center · October 2010

“Jenny, the audience was very enthusiastic. It was a wonderful performance, and everyone loved it. Hilda Ramos was brilliant, and she was so sweet with my little grandson. Hilda was flawless and Pinkerton stole my heart. Thank you for sending us such a great production.

All the best,

Lillian Harder · Brooks Center for the Perf. Arts · Clemson University · October 2010

“Jenny, we are thrilled by last night! (MADAMA BUTTERFLY) The soprano (Hilda Ramos) was so strong and beautiful. Pinkerton’s voice was beautiful. The audience loved the opera and we are competing with the MET simulcasts at the same university...”

June Davis, Marketing · Wilmington Concert Series - Keenan Auditorium · Wilmington, NC · October 2010

“The opera (MADAMA BUTTERFLY) was passionate, charming and wonderful! Standing ovation lasted five minutes at least. Job well done!”

Risa Kell, GM – Wilmington Concert Series – October 2010

“Jenny, BRAVO! It was a wonderful production of MADAMA BUTTERFLY) The set was well done and the lighting dramatized the changing seasons, transcending the audience of Madama Butterfly's small house in Japan. The principals were tremendous and I had a few opera aficionados seek me out to mention that they enjoyed the main characters immensely...and the applause was loud! The orchestra played well. There are some wonderful melodies throughout the performance and they really did a good job. The one that comes to mind is the music between the transition in Act 2, during the vigil. Your group did a wonderful job with our second grader that was playing Sorrow. He was very nervous but a cute addition to the evening.”

Christine Parent · President, Board of Directors · Opera NH · October 2010

“Hi Jenny, the opera (MADAMA BUTTERFLY) was wonderful – your Butterfly, Elena Razgylyaeva (who John and I love) gave me chills the minute she started singing. I think that it was the longest standing ovation I have ever witnessed at one of our operas! Can't wait to see one of my top 3 favorites- TURANDOT!”

Richard Bojko · Former President, BOD · Opera New Hampshire · October 2010

“The opera was fantastic! Patrons were raving about how wonderful MADAMA BUTTERFLY was. A long time opera patron wants to start a “Friends of the Opera.” We also had 38 students from the Middle School across the street from the theatre and they loved… loved… loved it! A lovely evening was had by all… Thank you!”

Jeanne Sigel · Development & Marketing Director · Garde Arts Center, New London, CT · October 2010


“Teatro Lirico D’Europa’s MADAMA BUTTERFLY received a deserved standing ovation at the Garde Arts Center, New London, CT last night.

Artistic Director Giorgio Lalov scored another triumph with smooth stage direction showing character and motivation very well, excellent costume design with beautiful, colorful kimonos, and set design with a an effective screened house—all credited to Lalov. The vocal star, appropriately, was Elena Razgylaeva a TLE soloist since 2006, in the title role. Her pure, beautiful voice, a bit more lirico than spinto, handled every note perfectly, with excellent phrasing. She movingly portrayed Butterfly’s hope in a lovely and exciting “Un bel di’,” her relations with Sharpless and Yamadori in Act II, and her tragic determination at the end. She was so physically gorgeous that one faulted Pinkerton for choosing Veselina Ponorska’s rather hefty Kate as well as for his abandonment. She almost looked 15 years old in the first act, and for that but especially for voice and acting, Razgylaeva was just about the best Buttefly I’ve heard and seen. Viara Zhelezova also sang Suzuki with a clear, strong voice and gave a fine sense of Suzuki’s combination of strong support and vulnerability. Orlin Goranov sang well enough as Pinkerton, with some fine high notes. TLE regular Hristo Sarafov sang Yamadori strongly and looked aptly older. Plamen Dimitrov was a rich-voiced, well-acted Sharpless. The local girl En-Hua C. Holtz, of Chinese descent, looked perfect as Dolore, smiled appealingly throughout, and related to the other characters very well. This was her first public performance TLE’s staple conductor Krassimir Topolov led a well-coordinated performance with good sound from the TLE orchestra. I recommend this BUTTERFLY, which will travel to other cities.”

John Deredita


“Jenny, the opera (LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR) was very good. Singers had excellent voices. Thanks for all your good work. The orchestra was very good. Only positive reports on the troop!”

Susan Garner · Artistic Programming Coordinator · Yavapai College Community Events · Prescott, AZ · Nov. 2010

“Hi Jenny – LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR was absolutely marvelous! I have had more comments on this one that at any other time. Both nights the soprano part, (Olga Orlovskaya and Magda Nieves) was stunning. One lady came out of the audience on the last performance literally in tears and said she had never been so moved by a performance. Please thank everyone involved. It truly was a remarkable and memorable experience. Thank you very much. Take care, have a great holiday and thanks again for a great opera.”

Gail Bunker · Celebrity Concert Series, St. George, UT · November 2010



“Hi Jenny, All I can say is "BRAVO!" Thank You, Thank you! Our audience loved Madama Butterfly! Madama Butterfly played to a near sell out crowd on Saturday night. The professional touring group of nearly 70 singers, musicians and crew from all over the world brought our audience to their feet. Edgerton’s own 4 year old, Madeleine Goetsch played the role of Sorrow. We had a benefactor who purchased 33 tickets at $30 each and gave them to the high school for students to attend. I am happy to let you know that all students were in attendance even though the Green Bay Packers were playing a play off game for the Super Bowl at the same time as our performance. I received this message from one of our Teachers this morning: One student told me this morning that she begged and begged to go. Finally her mom said yes. She loved the whole opera and said, ‘That was beautiful. The music - everything. I was in tears so many times, especially because there were these little funny parts - that just made the whole thing even more real and sad.’”

Paul M. Tropp · EPAC Coordinator · Edgerton Performing Arts Center, Edgerton, WI · January 2011

“Jenny: There are no words to truly describe the incredible performance of Madama Butterfly last night. When the curtain went up on that beautiful set and costumes, you just knew you were about to experience something truly special, and we did. The voices came from God above, what blessed people we are to have such talent in our midst. What is so special about your company is not only the talent of your performers and creative staff, but the friendliness and caring of everyone, this was so evident in the treatment of our little “Sorrow” Pearson Hafer, whose Daddy is stationed in Afghanistan, but because of the kindness and patience of your performers we able to send many photo’s that were shown around the soldiers posted with him. Thank you so much to everyone involved in your production and we look forward to RIGOLETTO next year.”

Maureen Jones · Warfield Concerts · Helena, AR · January 2011

“MADAMA BUTTERFLY was very good, Jenny. It was well received and the audience loved it.”

John Wilkes · Sunrise Theatre · Ft. Pierce, FL · March 2011

“Dear Jenny, the performance of MADAME BUTTERFLY closed our 59th season and we couldn’t have wished for a better finale. The cast was superb and Hilda Ramos as Cio-Cio San and Orlin Goranov as Pinkerton were spectacular. In addition to their exceptional vocal skills, they were excellent actors. Mr. Goranov was such an accomplished actor that the audience “booed” his character while giving him a standing ovation for his performance. Ms. Ramos was the perfect Butterfly and many in the audience were weeping at the end of the tragic love story. Teatro Lirico D’Europa has delivered yet another remarkable opera and we can’t wait until next year’s DON GIOVANNI.Thank you for bringing such wonderful opera to Daytona Beach.”

Carol Anderson, GM · Daytona Beach Symphony Society · March 2011


“Jenny, I was captivated by the voices. Lucia (Olga Orlovskaya) was unbelievable! The orchestra: Perfection (they were stretched out from ear to ear in our narrow space between the end of the stage and the first row of seats… and yet they stayed together in a ‘grand coup de precision.’ The costumes were gorgeous…A Huge Success!”

Risa Kell, GM · Wilmington Concert Series · Performance at Keenan Auditorium · January 19, 2011

“Dear Jenny, everybody raved about Lucia last night, not just the wonderful OLGA ORLOVKSAYA, but the whole production! I introduced the evening with a paragraph about how wonderful LIVE opera is, and the audience proved it --warm bursts of applause throughout the evening. Thank you so much!”

June Davison · Marketing Coordinator · Wilmington Concert Series · Performance Jan. 19, 2011

“The Wilmington Concert Ass. deserves a hand for all it does to bring great performances of classical music and dance to our community. This production of “Lucia” belongs to Teatro Lirico d’Europa, the touring opera company brought to town by the WCA that travels with a full orchestra, chorus, sets and costumes – everything that would also accompany a touring Broadway show except that the singing is of primary importance and that’s what shows up on stage. The singing was the most enjoyable part of the performance. Olga Orlovskaya sang the demanding title with courage and admirable musicianship. Her interpretation of Lucia as an emotionally fragile person came through in coloratura – passages of fast notes covering a wide vocal range – possessed of a slippery dream-like quality. Orlovskaya’s best singing came in duets, first with tenor Igor Borko (Edgardo) in act one’s love scene, with baritone Plamen Dimitrov (Enrico) in the act-two letter scene. Borko finessed Edgardo’s music, giving a well-paced performance with plenty of power – vocal, musical and dramatic – that had a sense of wholeness from his act-one entrance to the final scene before Edgardo kills himself at his family’s tomb on hearing that Lucia has died. Dimitrov’s baritone was solid enough to give Enrico’s music plenty of bite, but the greatest example of dramatic singing I’ve heard in some time came from bass William Powers, singing Raimondo, Lucia’s tutor, a priest and the voice of reason. Powers singing was like taking master class, so perfect were his use of breath, tone, diction and expression as heard in the act-two admonition and plea for calm after Edgardo crashes Lucia’s wedding and challenges Enrico to a duel. Hats off to the Teatro Lirico chorus, a group of men and women sang with heart and spot-on musicianship that strengthened its role throughout the opera. The most famous ensemble in “Lucia” is the act-two sextet in which the thoughts and emotions of all the principals pour out through Donizetti’s inspired writing. Here the cast and chorus rose to the music’s demands aided by the superb pacing of conductor Krassimi Topolov.”

THE STAR NEWS · Wilmington, NC · Jan. 2011

“The opera (LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR) was wonderful and the patrons loved it!”

Nancy Goldberg, GM · Gordon Center for Perf. Arts, Owings Mills, MD

“Dear Jenny! Many, many, many thanks for yesterday’s miracle! It was· I do not have words· Our senior citizens were very happy. Lot of thanks on behalf of them. I‘m going to advertise the “La Traviata” every Sunday on our radio show. Again, many thanks and good wishes.”


“Jenny, our sponsor of Lucia Di Lammermoor went to the MET this weekend and called to tell me your Lucia was by far better. She would like to tell Giorgio in person. Would he mind? If not could you send me his phone number?”

Jeanne Sigel · Development & Marketing Director · Garde Arts Center, New London, CT

Berkshire Fine Arts – LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR at Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theatre by David Bonetti – Feb. 5.2011

“The singing, the sine qua non of bel canto opera, was terrific – full-blooded and deeply committed. The international cast of soloists sang their hearts out. There were more than a few moments of thrilling vocalism. It was just another night for Teatro Lirico d’Europa, the longest running road show in international opera. Created in 1988 by a Frenchman and a Bulgarian and based on singers who had been excellently trained in Bulgarian conservatories, the company hit the road as the Soviet Union and its satellites fell apart. They put on 250 performances a year in European theaters, and then, under the direction of the indefatigable Giorgio Lalov, they moved on to the United States, where they’ve performed in 108 venues all over the country during the past 11 seasons. (I heard them a couple of times in St. Louis, where in the winter season they were the only opera in town.) Boston has been one of the group’s regular stops. Lucia was fearlessly sung by Olga Orlovskaya, a young Russian soprano. A glamorous redhead, she suggested Lucia’s emotional fragility from her first appearance. Orlovskaya excelled at coloratura, although her voice was a little constricted toward its top. She totally nailed the mad scene, however, negotiating the perilous changes in tempo and dynamics and hitting all the high notes without apparent effort. Her performance was heartbreaking.

As Edgardo, Ukrainian Igor Borko, was the real thing, an Italianate tenor with the requisite ping. (Too bad about the hideous wig he was forced to wear.) A soloist with the National State Opera in Kiev, one wonders why he doesn’t have more of a presence in major houses in the United States. I’ve heard far less persuasive tenors on the stages of supposedly major American companies on many occasions. In the gorgeous Act I duet with Lucia, in which the two promise to exchange vows of love on the eve of Edgardo’s departure for France, Borko’s and Orlovskaya’s voices mixed beautifully, creating a sound greater than the sum of its two (excellent) parts.

In the minor role of Raimondo, Lucia’s tutor and spiritual advisor, veteran American bass William Powers was powerful and brought attention to his subtlety and skill whenever he sang. Other principals, including Plamen Dimitrov as Lucia’s brother Enrico, Arseni Arsov as captain of the guards, Viara Zhelezova as Lucia’s maid, and Yuri Nikolov as Lucia’s ill-fated husband – all Bulgarians – were all fine, with Dimitrov especially deserving of praise. Krassimir Topolov, a Bulgarian who has been the company’s principal conductor since 1995, kept the proceedings moving with a propulsive beat.”

“Teatro Lirico D’Europa staged a winning LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR at the Garde Arts Center, New London, CT last night with a standing ovation from the appreciative audience of the Garde's Opera Series. A very welcome debut with TLE this season as Lucia is Russian soprano Olga Orlovskaya, aptly dubbed in the program "dramatic coloratura." Her solid, round-toned voice beamed in the first-act duet with Edgardo and second-act duet with Enrico, soared where it should in the sextet, and thrilled with nimble fioriture, clearly placed high notes, and acceptable trills in the mad scene. She acted all moods of her role most convincingly: deep affection with Edgardo, consternation with Enrico, and derangement in the mad scene and even in the first act "Regnava del silenzio," where she was clearly frightened by her vision of the ghost of the slain woman in the well. Her looks are as lovely as her voice. She is young, lives in Maryland, and is a U.S. citizen, so I hope other American companies hire her. Another star of the performance was Ukrainian tenor Igor Borko as Edgardo. His rich voice had all the right dynamics, including pp at several key moments. He was justly bravoed after "Fra poco a me ricovero." A handsome man, he looked and acted his part very well. The third star was American basso William Powers. Plamen Dimitrov was adequate as Enrico, although there were times when the orchestra covered him. Bulgarian mezzo Viara Zhelezova sang a strong-voiced Alisa in Act I, making a good case for Lucia's handmaiden's case against her mistress's romance with a Ravenswood. TLE's usual conductor Krassimir Topolov led the fine TLE orchestra in a well -synchronized performance. Giorgio Lalov, as always, created very persuasive stage direction. His unit set--panels at right and left with stained-glass windows and a staircase in the middle--effectively supported changes of scene, with the good lighting of Gueorgui Bajukliev. Another fine production from Teatro Lirico.”

OPERA–L · John Deredita · Feb. 2011


“Teatro Lirico d'Europa’s visit, with Lucia di Lammermoor, had the sine qua non for the required vocal and dramatic fireworks in the abundantly red-haired Russian coloratura, Olga Orlovskaya, who mowed down the famous Mad Scene. Her closest matches were Met and City Opera bass-baritone William Powers as Lucia's sympathetic priest Raimondo and the always-winning Bulgarian mezzo-soprano Viara Zhelezova as Lucia's faithful companion.”

Boston Phoenix · Lloyd Schwartz · March 2011

“Fabulous!!! Our Lucia (Olga Orlovskaya) was amazing. Many said it was our best opera yet. We can’t wait for BUTTERFLY!! Thank you so much, Jenny.”

Carolina Anderson · Daytona Beach Symphony Society · Jan. 2011


“Jenny! Excellent report on the opera (TOSCA).”

Bob Rossi · Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL · Jan. 2011

“Jenny! Excellent! Great response to Tosca (Hilda Ramos.) She came up to our donor room and met a few of our donors. Giorgio and I spoke about having her perform in Butterfly and he says that can happen. You know how people develop loyalties to opera singers.”

Robert Freedman · Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL · Jan. 2011

“Jenny -- TOSCA was fabulous. Tosca's (Hilda Ramos) voice just soared. Gorgeous orchestra! Jenny this production really rocked! Thank you again for a great show. As always your cast and crew were a joy to work with.”

Deborah Smith, GM · Newberry Opera House, Newberry, SC · Feb. 2011

“Hi Jenny, This TSOCA was the strongest performance we have had. Cavaradossi was a wonderful actor, very dramatic and a beautiful voice. He matched very well with Tosca, who is a very attractive singer and actress...she had a very powerful voice. Overall she was one of the best Toscas. Scarpia was also excellent in this performance- very believable. I have heard only positive things about this performance.”

Mary De Turk · Johnson Theatre · Durham, NH · March 2011


“Jenny. The show was good as always! Take care and I'm sure we will see you guys again in 2012 or 13.”

Thomas W. Hamilton · Theater Operations, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

“Great performance of TURANDOT. Great cast. George Klauss from the Opera Guild called to specifically comment on how much he enjoyed the production. Looking forward to Boheme next season! Cheers!”

Mitchell Gershenfeld, Director of Presentations and Theater Operations · McCallum Theatre · Palm Desert, CA

“Jenny, Thanks! TURANDOT and Great Moments were well received, I think all of my donors will support again next year.”

Kris Sabel · Vilar Perf. Arts Center · Vale, CO

“Hi Jenny! We really enjoyed the performances. TURANDOT was wonderful. Also the music from the Gala was incredibly beautiful. Your crew and performers are very polite and wonderful people and we look forward to their visit every year. Thanks for continuously providing GREAT shows!! Take care until next year!”

Kim Hannold · Vilar Performing Arts Center · Vail, CO · Vail Valley Foundation

“Hi Jenny! I wanted to tell you how gracious all of the singers and instrumentalists were to me. I’m sure that they were nervous about having someone new leading them with so little pre-concert contact. I would appreciate it if you would pass these sentiments onto the company. I attended a fundraising event yesterday and received dozens of positive comments from people that were in the audience. It’s a pity that we really don’t have press here. You certainly would have gotten some good quotes. Anyway, thank you for letting me step in for this performance. I had a lot of fun.”

Maestro, Jeffrey Rink · Performance of TURANDOT in Niceville, FL

“Thanks! I love the leads…Orchestra was great. The one male aria (Nessun Dorma) was worth the price of admission. Female leads were super. I got many good comments from my audience.”

Clifford D. Herron, Ph.D. · Dean, Mattie Kelly Arts Center · Niceville, FL

“Dear Jenny: Astonishing is the word that comes to mind. For a touring company to mount such a sublime production of TURANDOT, replete with powerful and beautiful singing, effective staging and a fine orchestra and chorus – well, as I said, that’s astonishing. Our audience loved it. I wish you could have been here to witness the standing ovation, the bravos and bravas. I can honestly say that in the years we have hosted Teatro Lirico productions we have steadily built an audience for opera which historically has not been part of the musical geography here.

As for the reception––that was wonderful. Thanks to Giorgio and the cast members who participated, especially the “three tenors” who absolutely wowed the dinner guests. Your performers are interesting and friendly people who mixed with the crowd and and related with them genuinely and warmly. It was a magical evening. Thanks to you for setting it up for us.”

Bob Borich · Panama City Music Association

“Jenny, We had a record number of attendees (for TURANDOT)!!!”

Renee Page · Marketing Director – Sunrise Theatre, Fr. Pierce, FL

“Jenny: TURANDOT was fabulous! Extremely well done and the audience could not get enough (LONG standing ovation with an extended curtain call). Bravo! Simon Kyung Lee did a surperb job with the aria "Nessun dorma". Applause was heard before he finished! The orchestra and singers were on their mark yesterday. Also, thank you for having some of the principals join our reception following the opera. It was a nice way for our loyal members to show their appreciation to your artists for their talents. I did check in with your photographer before and after the performance, and I believe everything went well on that account. Can't wait to see the photos. We have already begun selling pre-season tickets to next year's performances. Everyone is excited about La Traviata on February 5th. Thank you again for a wonderful performance! Bravo!”

Christine Parent · OPERA NEW HAMPSHIRE, presenter of this performance of Teatro Lirico at Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH · March 6, 2011

“Hi Jenny, the show (TURANODT) was wonderful. Great casting!!

Milt Russos, GM - The Artist Series - Jacksonville, FL – Mar. 2011

“TURANDOT went really well! Milt Russos was there for the performance as was Karen Longacre & several other staff members. Everyone has offered rave reviews.”

Kellie Cosner · Event Coordinator, The Artist Series · Jacksonville, FL · Mar. 2011



“A wonderful performance of Traviata that had the audience on its feet…People were asking me what Damcheva had done here before…nothing prepared me for her Violetta. She looked gorgeous…a performance that was truly heartfelt and touching, and she gave everything she has, and it is impossible to resist that; she really did sing her heart out. She also had a real chemistry going with the tenor (Orlin Goranov); this is by far his best role (he doesn't have to push), and he was so ardent and involved…The small parts were all good – Hristov as Baron Duohpul and my fave Ms. Zhelesova as Flora. The orchestra also played well almost all the time and the young(er) conductor, (CHRISTIAN DELISO) was terrific – alert, col canto, intense with emotion. The audience gave him quite a hand when he came out for his call. The costumes are among your best, and the set works, and Giorgio’s production gives the cast the leeway to make something personal of their roles, if they have something to offer.”

RICHARD DYER · (former BOSTON GLOBE classical music critic.)

“Dear Jenny, we all enjoyed TRAVIATA tremendously. It got a prolonged standing ovation. Cheers and best wishes--I hope you're back soon!”

Lloyd Schwartz, music critic - BOSTON PHOENIX

“Teatro Lirico d’Europa enhanced Boston’s touch of Spring over the weekend with its production of Giuseppe’s Verdi’s La Travaiata at the Emerson Majestic. The quality of the singing alone at their “farewell performance” should send local impresarios scrambling to find them a new home. Snejana Dramtcheva brought a big, warm, and wonderfully modulated soprano to her portrayal of Violetta, the fallen woman of the title of this most tuneful of operas. Her buoyant sensuality in her early duet with Orlin Goranov as Alfredo, Un di, felice, eterea, was made all the more memorable by the aching pathos of her Act III aria Addio del passato, as Violetta feels her life slip away.She played Violetta as a strong woman who is determined to overcome her tuberculosis as resolutely as she has dealt with other unspecified crises in her past. Dramtcheva also happens to be an especially beautiful woman. It is easy to see why Alfredo would go crazy for the love of her sexy and determined Violetta. Dramtcheva gave real emotional heft to Franceso Piave’s fast-moving, frequently melodramatic 1853 libretto. Dramtcheva is a native of Bulgaria and has performed an impressive roster of roles across Europe. She has performed in Boston before with Teatro Lirico as Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro and as Valencienne in The Merry Widow. Let’s hope she comes back. Goranov has an appealing tenor whose voice ascends with a seeming effortlessness. Plamen Dimitrov performed the thankless role of Alfredo’s father, Germont, with the fullness that has made the singing of the basses and baritones of his native Bulgaria a world treasure. The sweetness of his aria Pura siccome un angelo could melt any heart, even that of the headstrong Violetta. As with Orlin, his duets with Dramtcheva were moments of true operatic pleasure, to which the audience responded enthusiastically.

Teatro Lirico has filled a void in the Boston opera scene, as local companies commendably seek out works that are less frequently performed. By trooping the old warhorses through town and offering them at reasonable prices, they have provided a real service to opera lovers here who are more inclined to the familiar and beloved melodies of Puccini and Bizet than the undiscovered excitement Hindemith and Shostakovich. Another of its casts presenting TURANDOT wowed a sold-out Palace Theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire, the night after La Traviata played the Emerson. Come on, opera lovers, let’s get together and find a way to make sure these folks come back for many years to come.”

BOSTON MUSICAL INTELLIGENCER · Steve Landrigan · March 2011

“Teatro LA TRAVIATA – BOSTON - Teatro Lirico d'Europa brought an excellent La traviata for its Boston appearance at the Cutler Majestic Theatre. An all-Bulgarian cast featured the accomplished and moving Violetta of soprano Snejana Dramcheva and the engaged conducting of Christian Deliso. The audience wouldn't let them go, and there were cheers when artistic director Giorgio Lalov announced over the PA system: "…we will be back!" Soon, I hope.”

Boston Phoenix · Lloyd Schwartz · March 2011

“Bonjour, De retour à Paris, je tiens à vous renouveler mes très sincères remerciements pour une très bonne représentation de LA TRAVIATA a Baltimore et je me réjouis d'accueillir TEATRO LIRICO la saison prochaine.”

Meilleur souvenir · Jean-Claude DERRY · Directeur artistique · Theatre André Malraux Rueil-Malmaison · Region Paris – PARIS

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